Limerick tournament results

Thanks to everyone who attended the Limerick tournament and helped to make it a really fun and enjoyable weekend. Results are as follows:


  • 1st: Team 4
  • 2nd: Wicklow Bay
  • 3rd: Team 2
  • Best horse: Mojito
  • Best player: Zoe Nuzum


  • 1st: Wicklow Bay
  • 2nd: Limerick 1
  • 3rd: Limerick 2
  • Best horse: Kestrel
  • Best player: Sarah Collins


  • 1st: Horetown
  • 2nd: Limerick
  • 3rd: Kilkenny
  • Best horse: Mac G
  • Best player: Emma O’Sullivan

Best turned out team were Equus D grade.

Also a special thanks to the Hanrahans, James and Ann-Marie Moore, Mike Kenny, Liam and Mairead Barron, the ambulance crew, Karen Power, Sean Caroll, Anne Moloney, Mick Collins, everyone in the Limerick club, and finally all our amazing bakers including Ann-Marie, Hazel and Sarah.

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